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Why a Specialized DUI Attorney

Imagine a situation where you had a few pegs with your best friend and just on that same day, on the way back home you were pulled up by the police for a Sobriety Test. If you think then you are the only one unlucky enough, look ahead. There will be many people thinking the same way in their cars pulled up ahead of you on that same street. Car insurance won’t help — you need a good lawyer! Today, each state has strict penalties to prevent people form drinking and driving.

The penalties for Drunk Under Influence or DUI cases can be extremely complicated, especially because these vary from state to state. The devil in this case is the DUI that has enforced that within U.S. you should not drive a car if the Blood Alcohol Content is higher than .08%. You can end up spending your night in jail or you may have your car impounded or your license confiscated. The humiliations don’t end just there. You may end up serving jail time, probation, community service, pay huge fines, pay and attend mandatory DUI schools (and in some cases attend substance abuse meetings), get a higher insurance (SR-22) and finally asked to carry a permanent record of the DUI case. It also restricts your interstate and international travel.

In such situations, only a skilled and experienced attorney can end your depression. Your attorney is your best bet who will discuss, examine and review your case. He will get for you the best evaluation possible and enhance your chances of acquittal. You can easily find yourself an apt lawyer from the State’s bar associations or DUI lawyer groups. Make sure your lawyer is the best in the business of town. Thus, in case of drunken driving, it is very important to get a DUI attorney. After all, your right to drive is at stake!

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