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Where to look for a DUI Lawyer?

Certainly, hiring a good DUI lawyer would be your best decision and it ought to be your first move if you find yourself charged with Drinking Under Influence. This is particularly important when you remember the fact that the DUI could be recorded on your personal records for ever.

Finding a specialized defense criminal lawyer who only practices DUI would be the best choice. After all you deserve the best in the business. For instance, you can make use of California DUI qualified lawyers or criminal law “specialists”. You can alternatively choose lawyers who have attended the “National College of DUI Defense” who have completed simple “Basic Training” and are experienced to persue impaired driving defense.

In a DUI case, there can be a wide range of issues from medical to scientific to fine legal points. There are numerous ways the different myths of DUI can be challenged and can get your charges reduced to a different offense or otherwise obtain a plea bargain that avoids a conviction.

Picking the right attorney is very important because only 5% actually have the skills and competence to represent you adequately. The rest are just pretenders. For this you must check their credentials. You can go for the lawyers who have written any DUI books or articles in major law journals like a law review or DUI newsletter as you can be assured that he will be an expert.

Again, you can choose a lawyer certified by a national organization for DUI defense or a member of national organization specializing in DUI defense. It is important for you to analyze the number of trails and the years of practice this one has put in. You must ensure that the trail success rate of the lawyer is above 80% and that he has experience as a DUI training instructor.

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