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What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do?

If you are injured in accident that is the fault of somebody else you are entitled to compensation. Unfortunately actually getting that compensation is not always easy. In most cases you will find that you need a personal injury lawyer in order to collect. It is a good idea to know what your personal injury lawyer does and how he can help you.

In most cases the first thing that a personal injury lawyer will do when you call is to investigate the accident that caused the injury and gather evidence that can be used for your case. He will usually do this by talking to witnesses. Of course the other guy’s lawyer is doing the same thing so your lawyer will likely also do the talking on your behalf. Usually they will tell you not to talk to anybody about the accident so that nothing that you can say will be used against you.

Once your lawyer has investigated the accident the next step will be to determine just how much he thinks that you are entitled to in compensation. He will then file a claim on your behalf for that amount. In almost all cases the opposing side will come back with a counter offer that is much lower than your lawyer asked for. At this point a negotiation will ensue to see if they can come to an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. If they can then the lawyers will draw up the paper work and the matter is resolved, if they can’t things will move to the next level.

If your lawyer and his counterpart on the other side can’t come to an agreement about how much compensation you are entitled to the next step is to go to court. If this happens your lawyer will build a case and present it. Going to court can be a very lengthy and expensive process which is why most people try to resolve the matter out of court. Even if the case does go to trial the negotiation will likely continue in the hopes of coming to a deal. In a small number of cases however the amount of compensation that you are entitled to will have to be determined in court.

One thing to keep in mind about personal injury lawyers is that they are generally not paid the same as other lawyers. In most cases a Maryland personal injury lawyer will be paid on contingency rather than by the hour. This is both good and bad depending on your perspective. On the one hand it means that you can get a lawyer with no money out of your pocket and you don’t pay unless you win. On the other hand if you do win your lawyer will take a pretty big chunk of the money that you are awarded, usually about a third.

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