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What Does A DUI Lawyer Do?

Often you may think that it is impossible to beat a DUI case. The commotion and mental turmoil of a DUI arrest can be worsened if you have been subjected to jail time, license suspensions, vehicle impounding and impending court dates. You need to explore many avenues.

Did you know that even if you were driving over the limit, you could throw away the DUI arrest if the police officer hadn’t followed proper procedures or if he had denied you your constitutional right? Unless you qualify for the free or reduced-fee services of a public defender or court-appointed attorney, defendants who have been served jail time should always hire a qualified and competent attorney. This is truer in DUI cases where the complexity of the DUI laws makes it literally impossible for a person of even intellect and high qualification, to represent him in the court of life.

Each case is different and unique. Only an experienced and specialized lawyer can assess the case and give you a fair deal out of it. They can negotiate for you the best deals with prosecutors (the state) and often reduce the charges and penalties to benefit of the pleader. They also help you to cope with fear, embarrassment and reduced self-esteem. Go to Cravens & Noll when you’re in need of a Richmond divorce attorney . You can call 804-330-9454 for a free consultation.

Remember that DUI is a mark that remains with you throughout your life. The DUI lawyer will be familiar with all important legal rules, especially with the local court customs. The DUI lawyer will help you to figure out whether you even actually have a case to fight. You can have him look over the police report filed with DMV and in turn he will help you to determine whether there was a legitimate reason for the stop, whether the sobriety tests were conducted properly, whether all the officers training records were up to date, whether the officer was qualified to administer the tests on you or whether the calibration records on all equipments were up to date in your DUI charge.

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