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How to become a lawyer?

lawyerAn early preparation even when you are in the high school level will be very much advantageous to become a lawyer. While in the school take part in the school debates. Whenever you get a chance, participate in mock trials held in the school. These two will give some basic experience in good reasoning and operation of law.

Develop skills in comprehension and communication. After the high school a degree with a four year course from an undergraduate college is required before joining the law school. Select a subject for graduation which is easy for you to get higher GPA score. Most law schools do not consider for admission the subject for graduation. But for going for the Intellectual Property Law a degree in any technical science or mathematics is required. Bear in mind that a recommendation from a professor of yours is required for admission in a law school.

After graduation the candidate must sit for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Most of the law schools give weight for both scores in LSAT and GPA. Some schools give more importance to LSAT. So take it very seriously. Courses are available for preparing for the LSAT. This test is conducted at many centers all over the world. Then you have to apply to American Bar Association approved law schools for admission. Apply to only to those where there is a chance for you to get admission – which is needed if you want to become a lawyer.

The applications fees are high. Save enough money for the first year in the law school because you are not permitted to work during that year.

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