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Finding a lawyer that can help you make a work injury claim

work-injuryIf you had an accident at the workplace, you may be entitled to a work injury claim. You have the right to be compensated if you were injured due to the negligence of your employer. Every employer is bound by law to keep the work place and working condition safe for all employees. Safety provisions must be in placed so accidents and injuries may be avoided.

Accidents at work may happen due to several reasons ranging from defective equipment, lack of training, insufficient protective clothing, assault, and other work hazards. Employers are dictated by law to adhere to regulations in order to lower the risk for work-related injuries.

What do you do if you need to make a work injury claim:

Report the accident

Follow the procedure or protocol that your company has set in reporting work accidents and injuries. Make sure that everything about the accident is documented. Companies are required to have a log of any accident that happens at the work place.


Having photographs of the accident and your injuries sustained may help in proving your case and clearly showing the liability of your employer.

Medical attention

Regardless of the severity of injury, you must always see a medical doctor to assess your injury and condition if you are involved in an accident at work. This is one way to document the incident and you may later use this when needed.

Legal guidance

Look for an expert who can help you with your work injury claim. Ask friends or co-workers for recommendations of work injury attorneys. You need a lawyer to assist you in being compensated properly and make sure you get what is due you during the process.

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