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Family Lawyer do DUI Case?

Generally speaking, it is no good sense to try to represent you in criminal cases. What may seem to be a relatively minor offense to you could buy you time in prison apart from huge fines and confiscation of your driving license. There are many technical defenses that an attorney would be able to raise in a court of law which can help you negotiate a lesser charge, avoid conviction or reduce the consequences of conviction. The best way to determine what kind of lawyer you want is to know what you are up against.

If you have a run-of-the-mill DUI case with little hope of suppressing evidence or dismissal, you might not even need a lawyer. If you only need someone to organize and keep track of your court dates, hire a public defender. If you have no desire to fight the charge and only get competent advice, hire a criminal lawyer. But if you have a legitimate legal issue with a good chance of success, then hire a lawyer specializing in DUI defense. This means that he will have special focus on the area of law that matters to your case.

Generally you won’t find a lawyer practicing family law or divorce cases handling criminal, traffic or reckless driving cases. For the same reason, it would be more advisable to go for a criminal lawyer than for your seattle family lawyer as he would be better equipped with dealing the nuances of your particular DUI offense case. Each case is different and many factors add up to shape the defense. Still always remember to consider the price of your freedom, your criminal record and more importantly your peace of mind. Remember that it is the police who get to decide whether you were drinking socially or not.

A family lawyer is NOT a DUI Lawyer.

And mind it; in this case you are “guilty till proven innocent.”

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