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DUI Arrest. What Now?

Reports have confirmed that in connection with DUI, more than 3000 teenagers die every year in vehicular accidents. A few cocktails always seem harmless, but the consequences could be devastating. Difficult to drive on today’s roads even in sober conditions, one should not resort to such drunken driving because he puts to threat both his and someone else’s life on the road. DUI or Driving Under Influence (of alcohol and/or drugs) is considered the as one of the most serious criminal offense in U.S. that can even buy you a jail time. A first offense can be considered as a misdemeanor. It means that the charge involves no injury or property damage. At the same time, a felony means that there have been multiple DUIs or that a serious injury has occurred to a property or person. It is very important to remember that a DUI conviction can remain a scar on your driving record.

Once charged for DUI, you will be required to appear in courts more than once – first for arraignment, and if sent for trail, for a Defense. And finally if convicted for sentencing. Even if you were driving out of state, you can face a possible revocation or suspension of driving privileges. Another effect of such arrest is that the states will ask you to get a costlier insurance policy like the SR-22.

Your best bet is a professional DUI lawyer who can help you minimize the damage to your future. Generally for misdemeanor the penalties served are not so serious like a permanent DUI record, probation, fine, loss of driver’s license for a time, paying for and attending a DUI school and finally some points against your driving records. Sometimes such remarks may mar the person’s future employment opportunities. But in case of felony, the consequences can be really severe – large fines, lengthy substance abuse therapy or extended incarceration.

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