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Consequences of a DUI Arrest

Today, DUI is considered as one of the main reasons of motor vehicle crashes in U.S. The States have set up various DUI checkpoints to help control this practice. Once you have been arrested on DUI charges, it would be advisable for you to seek the help of a professionally qualified and competent DUI lawyer who could help you to minimize the penalties you are served.

dui arrestDUI laws are very complex and they vary from state to state. Whether the wrongdoer is a felony or misdemeanor is decided after determining the facts of the case. The police might give you some concessions if you are a first timer and if the charge involves no injury to person or any other kind of property damage. Such a person in considered a misdemeanor. If the offender is one making this mistake for more than one time, he is termed as a felony, especially if the charge involves serious injury to a person. The penalties imposed could be very severe in this case. If the charge involves injury to a property he is termed a misdemeanor.

Following a DUI arrest, you could be taken to court for arraignment, followed by a trail and finally for a verdict. If you are found guilty, you could be convicted. The consequences may involve serving jail time apart from huge penalties and attending community time classes.

The officer forwards a copy of the completed notice of revocation or suspension form plus any driver license taken into possession immediately after such an arrest, to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV conducts a review of the officer’s report, the suspension of revocation order with any test results. If the charge is upheld by the DMV, you have a right to contest such order in the law or court.

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